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  • Banquet Hall

    The banquet hall is 8.5 meters in height, with a grand and spacious atmosphere, perfect for meetings and press conferences.

    The professional one-stop service team of Fame Hall Garden Hotel will provide you with the best support.

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    • LOCATIONBanquet Hall
  • VIP Lounge

    Simple, understated, equipped with a projector and a screen, our VIP lounge is perfect for small business meetings or press conferences.

    • HOTLINE+886-3-433-9090 ext.​​​​​​​Division of Sales
    • LOCATIONFame Hall Garden Hotel1F
  • Meeting Room

    The high ceiling space is large and bright, with breathtaking garden views outside the window. Accommodates 16 people.

    • HOTLINE+886-3-433-9090 ext.​​​​​​​Division of Sales
    • LOCATIONFame Hall Garden Hotel3F
  • Circle Theatre

    A cultural and leisure space with professional audio and video equipment, as well as a stage and seating area for up to 200 people. Perfect for seminars and ceremonies.

    • HOTLINE+886-3-433-9090
    • LOCATIONBaseball Hall of Fame3F
  • Banquet Hall

    The banquet hall includes a separate and fully-equipped high-ceiling space. The roof is constructed using the traditional double-sloping form to produce the imagery of a home. In addition, it opens southwards towards the big tree and landscape pool, serving as a blessing for your new family and fortunes from Fame Hall Garden Hotel.

    • HOTLINE+886-3-433-9191#8170 or 8171
    • LOCATIONBanquet Hall1F
  • Bridal Dressing Room

    The bridal dressing room includes a space for wedding preparation, mind and body, for the climax of your special day, a comfortable private space for you and closest friends to relax and have fun.

    • HOTLINE+886-3-433-9191#8171
    • LOCATIONBanquet Hall2F
  • Brother Elephants Baseball Park

    The baseball park was formerly known as the Brother Hotel Baseball Stadium, which opened its doors in 1986. With more than 30 years of history, it is also known as the birthplace of Taiwan’s professional baseball. The venue is full of nostalgic atmosphere of first-generation Brother Elephants, and a must-visit for fans.

    • HOTLINE+886-3-433-9191#8227
    • LOCATIONBrother Elephants Baseball Park
  • Floral Garden

    The floral garden changes with the seasons, featuring a circular treehouse built around a big banyan tree. The 500-meter floral trail leads to the deck of the water garden.

    • HOTLINE+886-3-433-9191#8227
    • LOCATIONFame Hall Garden Hotel
  • Baseball Hall of Fame

    With a diameter of 32 meters suspended above a mirror pool, the Baseball Hall of Fame is one of the largest spherical buildings in Asia. Two floors are dedicated to the theme of Snoopy and baseball. If you are a baseball fan or a Peanuts fan (or both!), this is the perfect place for your pre wedding photography.

    • HOTLINE+886-3-433-9191#8227
    • LOCATIONBaseball Hall of Fame
  • Badminton Court

    Built to international specifications, the Badminton Court is designed with wooden floorings; it is bright, spacious, air-conditioned and equipped with shower rooms.

    • HOTLINE+886-3-433-9191#8180
    • LOCATIONBadminton Court