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  • Hit Western Restaurant & Cake Shop
    Hit Western Restaurant & Cake Shop

    Western fine dining and Chinese hot fries are both available at Hit Western Restaurant. As you take a bite of the food, every taste hits like a surprise.

    • HOTLINE+886-3-499-3030
    • LOCATIONFame Hall Garden Hotel1F
  • Yang Shin Vegetarian Restaurant
    Yang Shin Vegetarian Restaurant

    A fusion of western culinary concepts, Japanese culinary skills, Chinese culinary techniques, and Taiwanese local ingredients, Yang Shin offers a diverse and modern take on vegetarian cuisine and dim sums.

    • HOTLINE+886-3-499-1212
    • LOCATIONFame Hall Garden Hotel1F
  • Golden Osmanthus Japanese Cuisine
    Golden Osmanthus Japanese Cuisine

    Using the exquisite techniques of high-end Kyoto kaiseki cuisine, Golden Osmanthus presents authentic Japanese dishes with fresh seafood from Japan and ingredients locally sourced in Taiwan.

    • HOTLINE+886-3-499-4678
    • LOCATIONFame Hall Garden Hotel1F
  • Parents Restaurant
    Parents Restaurant

    Parents Restaurant offers banquet dishes that combine Taiwanese local seafood dishes, authentic Hong Kong dim sum, and Hong Kong siu lap. Fresh shrimps, crabs, and fish are sourced daily and directly to the restaurant. Fresh seafood lovers simply cannot miss this jewel in Taoyuan.

    • HOTLINE+886-3-499-2880
    • LOCATIONFame Hall Garden Hotel1F
  • Taiwanese Delicacies
    Taiwanese Delicacies

    This is the place where you’ll find Taiwanese delicacies from all over the island. The indoor seatings are surrounded by classic red bricks and stalls, where you can watch the cooking process. Don’t miss this chance to taste five-star small eats from around Taiwan at friendly prices.

    • HOTLINE+886-3-499-0147
    • LOCATIONFame Hall Garden HotelB1
  • Hotel Store
    Hotel Store

    Guests can find international snacks and drinks, daily necessities, freshly baked bread, and popular Taiwanese gifts such as meat floss, pineapple cakes, and more.

    • HOTLINE+886-3-433-9191#8120
    • LOCATIONFame Hall Garden Hotel1F
  • Sky Garden Café & Bar
    Sky Garden Café & Bar

    The rooftop garden boasts an excellent view of the ball park and surroundings, as well as the greater Taoyuan region and the countryside.

    • HOTLINE+886-3-433-9191#8755
    • LOCATIONFame Hall Garden Hotel7F
  • Snoopy Dining School Bus
    Snoopy Dining School Bus

    Enjoy Snoopy’s favorite takeaway pizzas and ice creams at Snoopy Dining School Bus. The cute dining car adds a fun visual experience.

    • LOCATIONBaseball Hall of Fame3F