Date: 2024.01.01 - 2024.12.30

2024 【1 Night and 2 Meals Package】 Breakfast and Dinner Accommodation Package

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Dec 2023

Set aside all the cumbersome yet trivial duties on hand, and plan a two-day, one-night vacation trip with a wide selection of dining options.

From NT$8,300 per night
* Actual rates vary with room type

Promotional period:
*except:02/08-02/14、04/04-04/07、05/11-05/12、summer vacation

Meals included in the Package:
1. Includes breakfast and dinner; for two guests in double rooms, three guests in triple rooms and four guests in family quads.
* Extra guests will be charged according to the standard pricing (including breakfast and one set of amenities). Dinner must be purchased separately from the restaurants.
 2. Breakfast at Hit Western Restaurant is included for every registered guest, each night of their stay.
* Breakfast Hours: 06:30-10:30 (Guests are required to have breakfast at the specific hours of their choice. Please make your reservation during check-in.)
3. Hit Western Restaurant 
Welcome Snack.
* Serving Hours: 14:00-16:30 (only available on the check-in day)
4. Complimentary In-room MINI BAR.

Package Bonus:
* The following activities are granted to each room per night:
1. Fishing and Shrimping for 30 minutes x1
2. The Peanuts Race Field game token set x1
3. DIY courses x1
4. Mini Golf experience voucher for 30 minutes (up to 4 guests) x1


Please note:
1. Check-in time starts at 16:00 and check-out time ends at 11:30. Guests can start their pre-check-in process as early as 13:30 and use our facilities after 14:00. During their stay, guests can use the facilities for free before they check-out.
2. The above promotional price may not be used in combination with any other special offers.
3. Only breakfast and guest expendables are covered in the extra guest fee; additional complimentary items are not included.
4. For other details not covered herein, the onsite regulations of the hotel will apply, and the hotel reserves the right of final interpretation of the promotions.
5. If you have any questions, please call (03)433-9090.
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