Date: 2021.09.01 - 2024.12.31

[Important] Statement on Fraudulent Phone Calls

#Important Announcements
Sep 2021
Fame Hall Garden Hotel is aware of pre-recorded telephone calls (often known as “robocalls”) that fraudulently reference Fame Hall Garden Hotel’s name to entice the call recipient to listen to a sales pitch. Fame Hall Garden Hotel is not making or authorizing these calls. Fame Hall Garden Hotel will not ask you to cancel the installment payment, go to the ATM, or provide any personal information and related password information. If you receive a suspicious robocall referencing Fame Hall Garden Hotel, we urge you not to provide any personal or credit card information and to end the call.

We are working hard to protect our guests' personal information. If you receive a suspicious call, please do not panic, and call 165 anti-fraud hotline or call the hotel at 03-433-9090. 

Three Don'ts to Stay Away from Scams
"Don't go to the ATM." "Don't provide personal information." "Don't call back."

■ Don't go to the ATM
Those claiming to be our employees in the scam calls will ask you to go to the ATM and switch to the English operating interface in order to make you to transfer money. ATMs do not have functions such as refunding, canceling installment payments, etc. Fame Hall Garden Hotel will not ask you to follow any instructions to use the ATM.
■ Don't provide personal information
Fame Hall Garden Hotel will not ask you to provide your bank account or credit card information over the phone under any circumstances.
■ Don't call back
If you receive suspicious calls or text messages, please confirm with Fame Hall Garden Hotel immediately or call the 165 anti-fraud consulting hotline.

The website of the National Police Administration of the Ministry of the Interior: