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  • Fitness Center

    Fitness Center

    Equipped with computer-controlled treadmills, cross-trainers, recumbent bikes, upright bikes, 3-in-1 multi-functional trainers, dumbbells, back extension machines, ab crunch benches, and stretch machines. Working out in this comfortable space will relieve your stress.

    • HOURS08:00-22:00 (Closed for maintenance from 12:00 to 14:00 daily)
    • LOCATIONFame Hall Garden Hotel3F
  • Snoopy Souvenir Shop

    Snoopy Souvenir Shop

    Offering a variety of Snoopy and baseball souvenirs, you are sure to find what you like at the Snoopy Souvenir Shop. Immerse yourself in the world of Snoopy and remember to check out the exclusive items as well.

    • HOURS10:00-19:00 daily
    • LOCATIONBaseball Hall of Fame3F
  • Circle Theatre

    Circle Theatre

    A cultural and leisure space with professional audio and video equipment, as well as a stage and seating area for up to 200 people. Perfect for seminars and ceremonies.

    • HOURSReservation required
    • LOCATIONBaseball Hall of Fame3F
  • Garden of Tranquility

    Garden of Tranquility

    A quiet space hidden in the guest room hallways.

    • HOURS07:00-22:00
    • LOCATIONFame Hall Garden Hotel4F
  • The Peanuts Race Field and Baseball Field

    The Peanuts Race Field and Baseball Field

    The complex and interesting game of baseball is cleverly combined with imagery from the Peanuts comic strip, thus allowing players to learn about the game by playing and completing various baseball objectives. Visitors will improve their baseball knowledge in an enjoyable way.

    • HOURS10:00-19:00 daily
    • LOCATIONBaseball Hall of Fame5F
  • Baseball Hall of Fame

    Baseball Hall of Fame

    Taiwan’s iconic Baseball Hall of Fame Exhibition Hall is one of Asia's largest spherical architectures. Unlike traditional museums, Baseball Hall of Fame focuses on the evolution of baseball culture, the science of baseball, and hands-on baseball experience. For those who are new to baseball, the museum offers fun interactive baseball games. Two floors of the museum are dedicated to the theme of Snoopy and baseball. Loved by both adults and children, Snoopy provides a fun perspective on baseball here at Baseball Hall of Fame.

    • HOURS10:00-19:00 daily
    • LOCATIONBaseball Hall of Fame7F